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Beauty and the Beach: Must-Haves for Spring

Springtime in Miami is all about warm weather, tropical-inspired fashion and, of course, big events (like these). That is why I have sought ways to keep my style and skin fresh for spring and summer. Honestly, I was more eager to learn the ways to keep my skin fresh, which is why I had even asked friends for recommendations, to which they advised that I try out skincare products from the likes of JoyViva (a company known for its variety of moisturizers, sunscreens, and other beauty products). But then, before making a purchase, I remembered that I already had a list prepared of what items I would like to buy for the skin. So, I thought I’d share a few items that I’m loving at the moment.

That said, if you are a lover of skincare and body care products then you know that there is always something for you out there that will help you with whatever needs you have. While some might prefer well-known brands like Loreal, and Olay for their everyday skincare regime, others may opt for brands that are not highly commercialized but effective such as Propaira, Societe, SkinCeuticals (read skinceuticals reviews here), etc. Either you may have read endless online reviews, or perhaps one of your close friends recommended any one of these brands to you and you started using them. However, in which case, because of the massive love and response to skincare, businesses are doing what they can to appeal to either the whole skin spectrum or certain areas that target specific problems, this is why white label skin care manufacturers and other skincare business essentials, are important for businesses to utilize during this time. As you’ll see down below, we all have our favorites and skincare companies want to be a part of that routine. So, read on for mine this summer and maybe it’ll open your mind up to branch out a little bit.

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Cover-up: Eberjey | Swimsuit: Peixoto

Environ Skincare Line

At a recent visit to Fontainebleau Miami Beach’s Lapis Spa, I learned about a skincare line called Environ. Started more than 25 years ago by Dr. Des Fernandes, the line is all about infusing vitamin A into the skin. Dr. Fernandes was actually the first in his field to use vitamin A in high enough doses that it could serve to counteract the harmful effects of stress and the environment. I’m all for radiant skin, I instantly fell in love with the face wash. I should also add that if you haven’t been to Lapis Spa yet, you’ve got to go check it out. The two-level spa centers around using natural qualities of water through mist, rain and steam. Make a day of it and book your choice of a 50 minute Hot Rocks or Swedish Massage with lunch for $175.

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Rodan+Fields Foaming Sunless Tanner

And because it’s completely unacceptable to look like a pasty white ghost in Miami, no matter what time of the year it is, I like to use a sunless tanner. I’m hooked on Rodan+Fields Foaming Sunless Tan, purchased from my friend Lindsay Dufresne. The product goes on clear and doesn’t leave funky streaks like other sunless tanners do. And at some point, I want to try out the rest of the Rodan+Fields skincare line…I’ve heard really great things.


Sunscreen from Island Company and WaxHead

As far as sunscreen goes, I’m in love with everything at Island Company. It’s a tropical boutique that promotes the mantra: “Quit your job. Buy a ticket. Get a tan. Fall in love. Never return.” Ahhhh, that’s my kinda life. And if you go to any of their stores (besides Florida locations in Palm Beach and Naples, there are also shops in Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, the Cayman Islands and Las Vegas), they’ll whip up a rum cocktail for you to sip while you shop. I’m also trying a new sunscreen from an Amelia Island company called WaxHead. I like it because t’s organic, chemical free and ocean safe.

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And I just started using a new overnight anti-aging serum by Key West Aloe…I get really excited when I find Florida-based companies! More about that soon.



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