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Sick of the Same Old Dating Scene in Miami? There’s an App for That.

Hinge has made it to Miami! The popular dating app has swept the country from San Fran to NYC and now it has finally launched in Miami.

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I’m married (very happily thank you very much), so I’m sure you’re thinking — and why is she so excited?

Because… do you have any idea how many of my gorgeous Miami friends are looking for that special someone? It seems like my friends who have had the best luck have ended up finding someone they actually click with through other friends — at a wedding, or through a co-worker — not usually at a bar on South Beach. But there are only so many dinner parties and random occurrences where opportunity knocks. You want to wear your pheromones perfume to a date that actually wants to connect with you and provide you with that positive stimulation that makes you feel happy you took that chance and went on the date.

Hinge increases the likelihood that you can run into that person sooner. Let me explain…

Unlike apps that show you, rando strangers, nearby (btw, I’m really digging this hashtag: #NoRandos), Hinge shows you only people in your extended social circles — the types of people your friends might introduce you to but haven’t had the chance yet.

How it Works:

Instead of shallowly swiping endless faces of strangers around you (there’s an app for that too), Hinge is focused on helping you find people you’ll actually connect with — in a trusted, authentic environment.

1) Every day you’ll receive up to 20 potential connections, curated from your extended social network. Why? Hinge knows one of the best ways to meet people is through friends — you’re likely to have a lot in common, and trust and accountability are already established.

2) You can “Favorite” or “Pass” on profiles that show mutual friends, jobs, photos, religion and more (details that actually matter when determining if you might hit it off with someone). Much of the info is pulled from Facebook and full names are required — so no catfishing here.

3) Get introduced. If you’re both interested in meeting, just like a good mutual friend, Hinge introduces you and helps you meet up.

The Technology:

  • First, Hinge uses Facebook to create your profile and surface people who are in your extended social network.
  • Next, the “Connections Engine” takes that pool of people and curates a batch of potential connections each day, based on who and what you’re most likely to like.
  • Lastly, the “Connections Engine” is constantly getting smarter and learns what you like over time.

Hinge by the Numbers:

Remember we’re talking about #NoRandos here. Hinge users are 99 percent college educated, and most popular industries include banking, consulting, media and fashion. The average user has 36 friends on Hinge and 90 percent are between 23-36. The app is live in 12 cities (DC, NYC, Boston, Philly, Chicago, SF, Atlanta, Dallas, LA, Houston, Austin and Seattle), has made well over 6 million matches and have celebrated several Hinge-gagements! 85 percent of downloads are coming from word-of-mouth.

Just Look Mode:

Just Look Mode is meant for those who are already in a relationship and don’t want to matched, but want to share their awesome social network with their friends. Profiles are never shown and matching is not allowed — it just allows others access to your friends.

Dear Friends, you’re welcome. :)

Try It: Download Hinge from the iTunes store.

New Hinge App Launches in Miami

This post is sponsored by Hinge. But I don’t write about products that I don’t think are valuable to my readers. Have you tried a dating app before? Would love to know about your experience and if it worked for you. xoxo


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