Oh Mexico, It Sounds So Sweet with the Sun Sinking Low

There’s a reason why that catchy tune by James Taylor puts you in an escapist mindset. There’s something about Mexico that just makes you wanna go.

Photo Credit: Kara Franker
Photo Credit: Kara Franker

Maybe it’s the thought of a hammock swaying between two palm trees — a view of a white sand beach and glorious ocean views that stretch for miles.

The pace of life slows down.

And for some reason, when you’re on a beach, a tropical cocktail with an umbrella garnish tastes that much sweeter.

I love it when I find photos or videos that inspire me to travel. And this video from Visit Mexico nailed it. If you watch it, you’ll see what I mean.

Photo Credit: Visit Mexico
Photo Credit: Visit Mexico

And oh, Mexico, I guess I’ll have to go now.



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