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Interview with Chef Peter Vauthy of Red, the Steakhouse in Miami

Miami Spice month has officially kicked off and to celebrate the occasion, I interviewed Executive Chef Peter Vauthy of RED, the Steakhouse in South Beach. He dishes about what’s on his menu this year, what celebrities have walked through the door and a few of his favorite Miami hotspots.


Q&A with Executive Chef Peter Vauthy

Q: Tell me about your Miami Spice menu and what inspired you this year.

A: We theme each and every week to keep things fresh and fun not only for the guests but for the staff as well. This year we are doing Classic Steakhouse Week, Latin Themed Week, Asian and Italian Week. Each week will have a certain flair that matches our theme. Inspiration for this year’s menus came from each of our chefs and their own culinary backgrounds and experiences. Miami is such a diverse city to live in and our inspiration came from exploring the diversity.

Q: I’m sure you travel quite a bit, especially just going back and forth from your steakhouses in Ohio and Florida — what’s your favorite thing about coming to Miami?

A: Miami has an eternal summer feel to me, so from a chef’s perspective it makes me think of the bounty of the summer, fresh vibrant colors. It’s an inspiration to the soul of my cooking.

Q: Besides RED, what are a few of your favorite restaurants here?

A: There’s plenty of options. Il Gabbiano never fails to impress, Hakassan is a life changer in Chinese cuisine, Tongue & Cheek is stellar with Jamie DeRosa at the helm there, and Joe’s summer menu is as impressive as they come.

Q: I know some celebrities can’t get enough of RED. I saw that Mike Tyson recently came into your restaurant. Who else have you seen lately?

A: We see our fair share of celebrities here and the best thing for me is that they come for my food, not for some scene or to be seen. It’s very humbling to have world renowned people compliment you on something you have so much love and passion for. Recently we’ve had Billy Joel, Flo Rida, Timbaland, Carlos Boozer, Andre Johnson, Pat Riley, Tim Duncan…just to name a few.

Q: If you were going to plan the ultimate night out on the town in Miami, whether as a date night or with friends, what would you do?

A: It would depend on the night and the crowd. A night on the town, drinks overlooking the sun going down, dinner at Hakkasan or Il Gabbiano, possibly a stop at Story Nightclub, a quick stop at Ted’s Hideaway on my way to the beach, then a bottle of champagne to watch the sun come up. Perfect way to condense Miami into 12 hours.

Q: Any favorite cocktails for the summer?

A: If I am in the mood for a refreshing cocktail I am a huge fan of the “Chef’s Medicine” here at RED, created by Murisa Schwartz specifically for me. A perfect blend of fresh juices, sour orange and tequila with a touch of fresh grated cinnamon. Great way to finish a day in the kitchen.

Food that will Make Your Mouth Water

With excellent food and an extensive wine and cocktail list, RED is a must-visit restaurant in my book. But don’t take my word for it, drool over these photos, then make yourself a reservation…


If You Go: RED, the Steakhouse is located at 119 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139. Call 305-534-3688 or visit redthesteakhouse.com.

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